Just some notes2022.05.16

This has not happened all of sudden, but more like what I’ve had somewhere in my mind has risen up to the surface.

It needs some courage to say it out loud, but I’ll probably stop translating or teaching and pursue the way of baking, working at a café, that sort of thing. It hasn’t been too particular and ideas are still vague, but I just feel like that.

It doesn’t mean I don’t like English any more or I’ll stop learning it, and it hurts my feeling that I’m not gonna be able to help those talented and blessed people around me with English. There’re certainly things that I love about English, so it will continue to be part of my life.

It’s been tremendously honor and my pleasure to be part of those amazing people’s life through translation or teaching, and I’ve always been happy to be able to help and get to know everyone, but that’s the fun part and honestly I can’t say translating and teaching itself have been my biggest joy or what I can’t help but doing.

That being said, I’m still thinking about keeping ESS in some way as I’m not going to stop learning English or exclude it from my life, and it’s my pleasure to see my fellow learners and talk.

Food – especially sweets, bread and coffee/tea have been my passion and it actually brought many connections with amazing people who I admire. And I (almost suddenly) wanted to work closer to those what I’ve loved in the beginning of this year, and Sachiko-san of käsi kindly accepted me as a help. The feeling of joy and excitement in the morning of the day I work there tells many things. Of course, that’s because she provides the joyful working environment, and also thanks to kind customers.

Many things are uncertain yet and it would be a lie if I said there’s no fear or worry, but I might have been wrong to believe that English was the only way that I would be able to make my own living. However, it was certainly the key to broaden my life and connect with so many friends who create amazing things and keep doing what they love.

Anything won’t change overnight, but I just wanted to write this down and let it out for the first sprouts that have just come out.