In memory of…2019.05.19

Firstly, I’m so grateful that I was able to celebrate my 33rd birthday. It was also Mother’s Day. It doubled my happy feeling, and I thought my mom would have a special feeling about it, which wasn’t true so much. Haha.

Recently, I’ve received many supports which encourage me to keep on doing whatever I feel like doing when I feel weak or less confident about what I’m doing. Stay true to myself and be happy every single day – it sounds like a matter of fact, but it is something that we tend to forget, so I’ll keep reminding of it more.

The birthday present Atsuko-San gave me was also one of those things that remind me of and encourage what is important to me. I’ll leave the English translation of the text which came with the gift.

“Matsu wa matsu rashiku / Natural pine beauty”(2004, by Katsuji Wakisaka)
The pine has its own beauty.
So does the bamboo.
The beauty of the pine cannot be found in bamboo.
It is the same with human beings.
Everyone is beautiful in their own way.
To live brilliantly is to live naturally and innocently by staying true to yourself, isn’t it?