I guess I’m not in a difficult situation at all. I have my own house (not “my” house, accurately), relationships with family members are fine, I have a healthy body so far, and I’ve been able to keep a good amount of my work I had. But maybe because of that, I’ve felt like I had to keep myself from talking about my situation.


And that’s gonna be a very limited number of people and even with those people, it felt like a big deal to say, “Hey, I wanna talk”. Because when I usually talk with them, that was a scheduled, long-time-no-see kind of meeting, which takes at least half a day or so.  Here, I finally realized that a casual talk on the phone or video chat can be nice. When someone asked for that last year, I didn’t feel like it because I had enough talking with people here and there, and I wanted to spend the rest of the time alone. And…I need it now (ya, I’m selfish and I know it).


There is some good news, too. The city I live in has just announced that all households don’t need to pay the base rate of the water bill for two months. Also, they’re planning to pay some aids for small companies and self-employed people, in addition to the one from the government and the prefecture. I started to check the website of my city after I heard about the news and knew that they’re working to do something for the residents.


About my daily streaming service routine, now I’m juggling “Community”, “Suits” and “This Is Us”.  “Community” is really easy to watch, my favorite kind of comedy-drama, but my only concern is that the only Asian character in it is described as a not-cool, crazy, lonely man-child… And, although I talked with one of my friends from the US that “This Is Us” is too dramatic or cheesy, I admit I cried watching it.