Two tirps in a week…
The first trip was Miyazaki~Hakata on Feb. 2-4 to see Ooka-San’s exhibition and to meet Maino, who I met in Oregon last year.  It was great to see his works in where he was born and grew up. He has had his colors and styles and I like it, but I was happy to see them in a greater scale with history around him up until now.  Also, I got the feeling that Miyazaki has great raw materials in many ways, which gives fundamental energy to everything.
Catching-up with Maino was also great even though she fell down before she came and was bleeding… Another thing I felt greatful was there are some people I can visit and say hi again… They must have seen so many people and have a lot of intimate friends, so I felt greatful that they still remember me and had a small chat with me. They’re doing great works, so I want keep my works good.

The second trip was Tokyo on Feb. 8-9 to meet some of clients/friends of Shiteki-na-shigoto. It was great to meet new people with whom I might be working in the future. Also, it was good opportunity to figure out how I can work with Go-San as a member of Shiteki-na-shigoto.

As he suggested in the end of last year, I think it’s better to continue working mainly as solo, not to completely become a member of a company. I would love to work together with him as a translator and we might be able to create something new, I’m happy to help some events or running the gallery sometimes, but for now, it doesn’t feel it’s the best to call myself “of Shiteki-na-shigoto”.
Maybe because I don’t think I’m capable of representing any company and I don’t want people to think “Now she’s in the company and away”. I’m so not good at “team work” since I was a kid. I don’t think I would help promoting or launch any project… It would be good to start working as Pine Tree Translation, ESS and sometimes Shiteki-na-shigoto.



年末にゴウさんとも話したように、今のHAJIMEやヒロフミフジタのように「ときどき “してきなしごと”」がちょうど良いのかもしれません。何せ「チーム」で何かするのがずっと不得手なのだ。今、いろんな人とやっているように「英語周りとその他手伝い」担当で一緒に仕事をするのはいいのだけど、元来「プロジェクト」や「グループワーク」が苦手です。やりたくないこと・できないことは人に任せるから、それはそれでチームワークなのかもしれませんが…どこか「I don’t know」と一歩引きたい無責任女であります。あと「(人にとってはどうでもいい)自分がしたいこと」を横に置いておけなかったり。そんなのでもいいんだろうかね。