After visiting Go-San, talking about the possibility of working (mainly) as a translator of Shiteki-na-Shigoto, and being told that I should pursue translation exclusively, my move was fast, I guess. In one holoscope, it told “You’re going to be in a ‘bulldozer mode’ ” and which I think is right.

I’ve decided raise my lesson fees starting from March, thinking that I won’t be able to get a large number of students if I concentrate on translation more than now, or rather, considering continuing ESS even if I will have to move back to my dad’s, which saves money for rent, but takes more time and money to travel.

Ultimately, this idea gave me a thought that raising lesson fee would make ends meet in many ways. Even I might not have to move here. I’m travelling to my students’ place and I pay some of the money on travel, plus, I need some time for travelling here to there. Above all, a 50min-lesson is not enough and actually it never ends within 50min. To fuel them enough, some warm-up time/cool down time is necessary. I feel that’s where I can motivate them a little bit more, or where they can feel relaxed enough to be honest. I didn’t want to just come to them, do a lesson and leave. That’s not even what I should do. What I should and want to do is to build a nice relationship with them and make lessons happy, meaningful time, and be a good teacher to support their interest or curiosity or passion towards learning. And I believe I can do this through this not conventional “English lesson”.

I might lose some students, or some of them might take less lessons, and I might have to go back to my dad’s hous, but even so, I think this change will lead us to a better days.





of the month というほども読んでない、というか本に至ってはまだ半分。。でも読みやすくていいよ。
Big Little Liesはセレブ奥様の話…と思ってたら、劇中に出てくる波のように、物語の流れが押し寄せてうねってうねって最終話まで。音楽も良い。

What a week2018.01.20

After ESS at hama no te, 1.5day trip to Matsumoto~Azumino~Nagano and Junko-san’s palm reading at 410… The flow is rushing from both inside and outside to make translation centered in my work (Probably).

I like ESS, as I like to encourage and support someone learning English, but I’ve been feeling that something is wrong about labeling ESS as “English conversation lesson”. I’m quite sure that if someone comes to me for the “English conversation lesson”, they will feel a gap between what they get and their expectation.
Just some easy phrases or techniques won’t have any impact on them, and they will remain unsure about their English. I sometimes go home with a swirling dark feeling like, “Ya, of course nobody can speak another language as they imagined within a day or so, but saying this fact to them leads to nothing…” It doesn’t matter if they’re having a nice time, after all.

At “ESS at hama no te”, I didn’t have anything to “teach” them, and in the end of it, I felt like I was told, “ESS is centered on ‘feeling like we’re speaking English’ and you want to pump up the feeling or give some fuel to it, right?”.
Also in Matsumoto, while I was talking with Go-San, I felt, from a translator’s viewpoint, I can talk about how interesting is the difference between English and Japanese, and about having fun freely with languages (and someone might think, I want Yuki Matsushima to translate this… hopefully). If this leads them to learn by themselves, the distance between them and English should be closer. Also, what I always want to tell might make sense if I say it as a translator.

– With remembering “festina lente” and the broad interpretation of “translation” I received from Prof. Komei again…

ESS at ハマ・ノ・テ、1.5日で松本〜安曇野〜長野、パームリーディングを経て。内からも外からも軸をしっかり翻訳に持っていく流れが押しよせております(たぶん)。


ハマ・ノ・テさんでのESSで、こちらから「教える」ということは一切準備せず臨んで、「ESS = えいご・しゃべれ・そう」という気持ちをpump upする、fuelを注入することが中心にあって、そこに訴えかけられるものにするんでしょ?と一押しされた感じがしたのでした。



Happy 2018 !2018.01.02

Great to start a new year with my mom and sis for the first time in these few years. Having some new year’s food, regular new year’s visit to Ohmiwa shrine, drawing a fortune slip… unlike childhood days, we don’t have many things to do. Spending boring time gives the best energy for the beginning of the year.

This year will be the year to (continuously) serch for the way to make a living. My attitude towards teaching or leaning English is ever changing… It’s not a conventional one or doesn’t give any immediate effect, but would lead people to live a better, happier life, I hope.