what we talked on that day2017.08.29

The translation work I’d expected turned out not to come (maybe), so I’d felt lost for a while, or maybe I’m in the middle of it still. I thought I could earn money for my trip, so it’s “ouch”, but it was going to be tough work, so I feel relieved a bit and I just don’t like to be put in a situation of “it might come”. Anyway, now it’s less possible, so just forget about it and enjoy the work of the day.

Last week, I went to see Tsunemoto-San’s exhibition with Taco-chan, Koji-San and Atsuko-San, and had dinner together. “What is art?” is a constant question for me, so it’s nice to talk with friends who live as artists, or who live closer to them. For me, it is important that they live pursuing what they want to. It feels the same as I live being around languages.

I like everyone here. I want all of them (including me) to be happy. It was nice to run into Mari-San (toiro) and her friend. I want to have another ESS telling how to casually enjoy English in movie… I have to tell Peppu-San first if I do so…


What a rough title. As I got an “alarm” from my dad, I decided to write about… August. Or some recent thoughts and events.

I’m glad to keep having lessons regardless of the ups and downs of number of students. I personally think that it’s okay not to have lessons every week or every month. What is important is to find your way or pace to keep learning English. And I think helping to find it is one of my works, too. So.

As to translation, I could involved in some nice projects this month, too, and I’m waiting one text to come, which is going to be tough one, schedule-wise. But I’m looking forward to it.

I feel the end of summer a.k.a. the beginning of fall – my favorite season!

Short trip to Yokkaichi, Mie with sis. We shared steamed buns and broun suger shaved ice w/kinako. Yummm. Loved a little luxary time on Kintetsu limited express.