Thoughts from last Saturday, Kyoto2018.03.14

9am ESS at 星ヶ丘
We laugh a lot. I feel that’s the most important element for them, or us, or every lesson I have.

12pm lunch at MEMEME
I’ve been there once when it was still in Shibuya. I didn’t have any connection with Oregon yet, and didn’t know the owner have lived there. I knew he’s a friend with Hitomi-San, so I wanted to talk something, but I couldn’t. I didn’t know how to start a conversation… maybe next time.
Sometimes I talk to people so easily, but sometimes don’t. Why is that?

1-3pm Exhibitions at Chise, Kousagisha, Hohohoza
To see Tomoya Kato’s exhibitions. I like to see his diary. “It’s a spring (souce of the whole exhibition)” he says. I heard it takes very long time to install works to the venue when he has an exhibition. So I just let myself be there.
He asked me if I had any vision for next 3 or 4 years. I said I didn’t. Maybe I have, but it’s vague. Another thing I got from the conversation with him was “not sticking to English too much”, “try not to build any self-image to show people”.

4pm Coffee at Tsuki to Roku Pence
It’s the best place (for me) to sort out or run my thoughts. I guess it’s not easy to keep the place quiet, but the owner has been trying so well, and customers have made the place, too.
I found a new essay book of Atsuhiro Yoshida, which was very fun to read and I finished it while I was there. I forgot what’s in it, but it was good.