Seeking Light with K’s Point at EDANE2017.09.19

I went to listen to Mr. Morimoto’s talk, who I’ve heard a lot about from Aoyama-San in Hoshigaoka and Doi-San of Edane.

I don’t want this to sound “spiritual”, but in a nutshell, I am a light and everyone is a light. We are one beautiful light. We live as human and go back to the world when our carriers die.

This thought makes me feel saved and stronger, and feel like many things happening in this world matter less than before. They DO matter as long as I live as one human being in this society and it doesn’t mean everything is meaningless, but now it feels a bit separated – this life as a human; and what we are in the first place. I’d tended to think like this even before, but wars, businesses or anything people fighting over looks foolish, sort of. It’s never easy to stop those fightings as we’re living in a system which might scare us under some circumstances because as a creature, our instinct tries to live. And I don’t want any pain or suffering!

I’ve been thinking that what matters is to feel that own spirit is saved, and everything is confortable-unconfortable (pleasure-umpleasure) in the end. There, what could be a problem is following the “pleasure-unpleasure principle” might be selfish and dangerous.

However, today I realized that our brain judges whether it is pleaseure or unpleasure, for physiological reason, as a human being. So it could be terribly wrong if we just follow the judge. Because it’s just what our body wants. The light is in the body (for now), and now we know the fact that we could instictively judge things based on how (un)pleasure is, we can handle it not to make it messy.

For now, I’m still not sure about the “light” thing, but it will surely connect us in deeper place and make everything better.