After visiting Go-San, talking about the possibility of working (mainly) as a translator of Shiteki-na-Shigoto, and being told that I should pursue translation exclusively, my move was fast, I guess. In one holoscope, it told “You’re going to be in a ‘bulldozer mode’ ” and which I think is right.

I’ve decided raise my lesson fees starting from March, thinking that I won’t be able to get a large number of students if I concentrate on translation more than now, or rather, considering continuing ESS even if I will have to move back to my dad’s, which saves money for rent, but takes more time and money to travel.

Ultimately, this idea gave me a thought that raising lesson fee would make ends meet in many ways. Even I might not have to move here. I’m travelling to my students’ place and I pay some of the money on travel, plus, I need some time for travelling here to there. Above all, a 50min-lesson is not enough and actually it never ends within 50min. To fuel them enough, some warm-up time/cool down time is necessary. I feel that’s where I can motivate them a little bit more, or where they can feel relaxed enough to be honest. I didn’t want to just come to them, do a lesson and leave. That’s not even what I should do. What I should and want to do is to build a nice relationship with them and make lessons happy, meaningful time, and be a good teacher to support their interest or curiosity or passion towards learning. And I believe I can do this through this not conventional “English lesson”.

I might lose some students, or some of them might take less lessons, and I might have to go back to my dad’s hous, but even so, I think this change will lead us to a better days.





of the month というほども読んでない、というか本に至ってはまだ半分。。でも読みやすくていいよ。
Big Little Liesはセレブ奥様の話…と思ってたら、劇中に出てくる波のように、物語の流れが押し寄せてうねってうねって最終話まで。音楽も良い。