Renew your settings2019.03.22

I’ve been thinking about how I can work for people without doing what I feel wrong. I’m still on the journey, but through my regular lessons :
– motivate/inspire people who are learning from me
– make them feel happy, relieved and safe, not intimidated
– get them feel closer to English or learning languages

Overall, I don’t fit into a style motivating them by giving some opportunity to perform something. Of course, I would love to support them if they want to, but I don’t organize or plan it. I’m gonna say, “That’s not my department”.

This doesn’t mean I’m not going to be an exhibitor. It feels like there is a way that I can show something in my way, asking for the help of people around me or collaborating with them.


“Queer Eye” on Netflix really cheers me up…  Many people around me are also so nice and always cheer me up when I meet them, but it makes me realize that the genuine energy of accepting, approving and making people move forward is such a great thing.