June to July in Kyoto2020.07.02

There seems to be a period of a year where I get very active and spend much money, which makes me a little worried about myself, but as long as it feels right and my heart says “Keep going”, that’s what I go for.

I found it was nice to stay in Kyoto after the monthly class with Eriko-san and Atsuko-san. It was the first time in three months to visit there.  I met many people in person during those two days. It feels like we’re exchanging energy when we meet.

I’d visited Anteroom Kyoto to see an exhibition before, but it was for the first time to stay there. For that price, I can say it was a perfect stay. A very clean room with well designed beautiful fixtures and amenities. You can see artworks here and there in the hotel, and their collection of books are so good. Some of them are selected by Mr. Horibe, the owner of Seikosha Books. If you fill a form online, you can take those books to your room and enjoy them, which made my stay even better. Although I felt their breakfast was a little bit downgraded but was still good.  Moreover, the staffs were very kind… and modest, not too friendly but with the right amount of hospitality and respect, if that’s the right way to describe.



やっぱり I tend to take bilingual books. 勉強になるので、というのはそうなんだけどちょっと違う、that’s not the only reason because I don’t really “study” using them. I guess the main reason is that it’s just fun to come and go between two languages. わ、私だったらきっとこんな表現にたどりつけない…と落ち込むことも多いけども、「へえ」と楽しむ気持ちの方が大きい。ただ、「え、これありなの、こう言う方がスッと落ちるの」と日本語に長けた英語母語話者に聞けたら、、!と思うところもあるので、考えよう。