Honest talk2019.04.27

Recently I tend to feel tired of seeing SNS especially on those “cool” events or people “connected” or… I don’t know, anything vocal. Anything that calls people in, or is “expressing” something. It’s too loud. Of course, what I need to do is just stop looking at them. Easy (but you know, I can’t get out of that habit). And of course I think it’s a great thing that everyone is enjoying what they love.

It is obvious that I go out less than I used to. I’m less interested in art shows or events. Anyway, I don’t have to. I’d say it’s a good thing. Maybe it’s time to shove off things and see what I’m really interested in. It’s a chance to see how things go if I do only what I feel like doing: read, write, eat healthy, sleep well, see beautiful things (nature, art), run errands, cook sometimes, meet people and talk, go places where I feel like going, make money by teaching (supporting) and translating. It’s exactly what I’ve wanted as my life, and now I’m here, just don’t get numb, be open-hearted, think well, feel well.

Nothing more, nothing less.