Let’s just try that2019.03.16

I have to admit that I’m at home more than before.
Luckily, English lesson work for good friends take me out somewhere outside, and I feel like it’s a good balance. Sometimes I feel that I have to do something (meaningful),  but regardless whether it is meaningful or not, it’s okay to do what I feel like doing – I’m trying to think like that.

There was a rather big box in a corridor in my house, and I had assumed it was my father’s, but when I opened it not being able to wait for him to get rid of it, I found tons of papers from my university.  I was kind of amazed how hard I’d studied (compared to now). And somehow it reassured me that it’s okay to do what I want to or can do even if I feel like things are stagnant or I’ve missed many things going around me.

Let’s just try that and see where it’s going. Things happen when it’s meant to happen.